Paleo Cupcakes and The “Girl” Workout vs. This Girls Workout

I promise this blog has not been abandoned, well I haven’t abandoned it…I don’t know about Pearce haha, just kidding, he’s in exams right now (it’s still abandonment though right?). Anyways, the other night I was looking to bake and I ended up stumbling on a recipe for Cupcakes. Basic, white, vanilla, paleo cupcakes. Boring right? Wrong! It’s a gold mine and you know why? Because finding a good base in baking is like winning the lottery. Once you know that base you can make any flavor or version you want. Sooo let’s just say I took a few creative liberties with this one 😛

This is the recipe:

Now, I’ll be upfront, I did add a dash (literally, probably less than a tbsp) of molasses to my version which makes it a questionable paleo recipe, but because most of you who read this don’t eat paleo I figured you’d it slide. I also added the zest AND juice of 1 lemon and (get ready for a classic mash up here)…blueberries! They are really lovely. It’s next to impossible to make a decent icing without dairy or sugar, so I’ve been just drizzling some honey over top of them. They taste great, I call that a baking success.

Over the past few months I’ve been in the gym a lot here at Western. Whenever I go it’s always the same: all the boys lifting, all the girls running/elliptical-ing (that’s a word right?). I posted this video on my FB yesterday that made me laugh so hard. I’m not saying that all girls/guys are like this, BUT it still rings true: 

Since starting with a personal trainer (who I saw through the summer) I learned the importance of lifting weights and more importantly I learned how to lift them AND not to be afraid of them. I was reflecting yesterday at the gym about how far I’ve come in terms of my fitness, but also my mindset. Working out is no longer a chore, it’s something I enjoy (well, most days haha) and I’m going to tell you the top 5 reasons I love a workout with lots of (heavier) lifting and lower reps:

  1. It takes less time
  2. It’s more challenging
  3. It makes me feel like a badass. Really and truly, I’ve never felt more powerful as a female as when I’m squatting weight.
  4. The whole hour is spend with me, myself and I (okay, sometimes I bring a friend!)
  5. I love all my new muscles. A lot of woman worry about getting “bulky” when they lift higher weight and it’s so silly because we don’t have the same shape as males, the same hormones, the same way of eating, etc etc. So why would our muscle look the same way as men’s? They won’t.

Well a recipe and a rant on fitness, I think I’ve covered my quota, non?

Have a happy week!


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