Cookies, Pancakes and Granola (A Bake-tastic Weekend)

Welcome to the weekend that was all about baking. Pearce and I set out to find some recipes that would curb both of our sweet tooths. And then we met our new best (mind you expensive) friend Almond Flour. Almond flour, or ground almonds is a great alternative for flour. It has a different consistency than one might usually like in a flour, but lends itself well to many recipes as we discovered.

First was the quest for a chocolate chip cookie. We found a recipe on “The Urban Poser” blog. She makes many gluten, dairy, egg, and grain free recipes. She warns on the post that these will be the best GF, DF, EF cookies you’ll ever eat…she wasn’t wrong. We even bribed our friend John to come over because we were baking cookies and by the time he showed up, well, let’s just say the cookies had gone missing. Needless to say he wasn’t super impressed, but Pearce and I’s taste buds and tummies sure were. Regardless of whether or not you have dietary needs or you’re doing a challenge like Pearce and I, this recipe is worth making once! Here is the recipe:

Onto the next delicious endeavour: Pancakes. With such great success on the cookie front we found a pancake recipe that also used almond flour. The pancakes were definitely the fluffiest GF pancakes I’ve ever seen (Pearce said the same, and he has a bit more knowledge on the topic of GF pancakes). They tasted great. Pearce and I subbed the coconut milk for chocolate almond milk and added the leftover chocolate chips we had into them. I would have liked just a touch of extra sweetness, but Pearce thought they were perfect. I ended up drizzling mine with a bit of honey and voila! Definitely a great Sunday morning breakfast:

Finally, I made the granola…again. I know, terrible, but I miss cereal! Anyways, tasty and since I didn’t link it last time I will here. I added a whole mess of nuts (it only calls for a 1.5 cups of nuts and I’m pretty sure I added at least 4), but the “sauce” can coat a lot and why not make a bigger batch? Just means more morning deliciousness:

So there you have it, a weekend of sweets. We did eat other stuff this weekend, I swear. There was a lovely stir-fry Pearce made and I’m currently making a cauliflower soup. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I would have loved to give you pictures today, but to be honest we everything before I could even take out my camera haha. Hope everyone had a happy weekend! Did you bake anything delicious this weekend?

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