Baggy Jeans, Granola and Almond Cups

So, here I am, past the 1 week mark and still surviving.

For those of you who don’t know Pearce and I were seeing a personal trainer in the summer. Jason was (still is) amazing. Such a great guy. You know what he didn’t tell me though, or rather what I didn’t count on? Losing weight. I know that seems silly, but I didn’t really think I would lose as much as I have. Now, I’m not boasting, trust me, because I’m about to tell you the downside of losing weight and also being pretty darn poor — You can’t afford any new clothing that fits. So basically I walk around with a saggy, baggy butt and can’t do anything about it! Haha. Someone should have warned me 😛 

Anyways, point is that now that I’ve started the paleo challenge my clothing is getting even bigger. I am really enjoying have no grain in my life, as crazy as that sounds, because not only do I feel less bloated ALL THE TIME, I also feel like my stomach is thanking me. Though, let’s be honest, I’m still craving sugar pretty bad….

Enter: Pumpkin Granola. This is the same “granola” that Pearce talked about a few posts ago. It is amazing. I literally want to make a batch EVERY week and just eat it all. It’s going to save me this month, I can feel it. I’m also going to try making some DYI “peanut butter cups” (almond butter of course) today. I hope they turn out. Dark chocolate with no added sugar is relatively easy to find at bulk barn, the time to make them in my life has not been! Haha, so I’ve had a whole mess of chocolate sitting on my shelf for 4 days…that must be some sort of record for me, seriously.

Wish me luck! Have a happy Thursday!

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