An Afternoon With the Oven

So today I attempted to make paleo chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin granola…Apparently I have a bit of a sweet tooth lol.

Before I talk about how those went, I should probably mention that I’ve been eating paleo for the better part of a week now. I wanted to get a bit of a head start because as mentioned earlier, I’ll be drinking beer at the Vanier cup and that would kinda ruin the challenge if I had gluten before 30 days were up. Just figured it was something I should mention, it’ll make the next paragraph make a bit more sense.

Last night I had something akin to what my sister refers to as a “gluten nightmare”. Essentially I had a dream that I had finished my challenge and to celebrate I went to Basillique (a great Mediterranean place near my house), ordered a large BBQ chicken pizza and promptly ate the whole thing to myself…shortly afterward I keeled over in pain, someone called an ambulance and I woke up. What I imagine happened in my dream was that after not eating dairy or grains for 30 days my body stopped knowing how to process it and I developed an intestinal blockage or something. I guess we’ll find out if that’s true when I get my BBQ chicken celebration pizza…

Back to the baking. I’ve spent a bunch of time of foodgawker lately trying to find new food blogs that might deal with paleo food so that I could find some exciting recipes to try. That’s where the cookies came in, this one blog that I found said that they were basically the best chocolate chip cookies ever, gluten free or not. Due to this proud boasting I figured I’d give them a shot, although they’re vegan cookies so I was skeptical.

Lies, they could never contend with a glutenous cookie. They don’t completely suck, to be honest they don’t actually taste half bad, but still if a vegan ever tells you that their desserts are better than yours, smack them. Hard. I won’t leave you with the recipe for the cookies because honestly there are probably better paleo cookie recipes out there.

Now onto the granola. As I type this it is currently sitting cooling on top of my stove. My apartment smells like heaven. Seriously it basically smells like someone spread pumpkin pie and maple syrup everywhere, its divine. Being that its paleo granola, there’s no oats or grains in it, its all just nuts and seeds. I adjusted the recipe a bit and added raisins, but I will absolutely make this one again, hot damn its tasty. I imagine that it will also be really filling. Cereal is definitely one of my favourite snack foods but it never really fills me up which is annoying.
Here is the recipe for the granola, many of my future recipes will be pulled from that site:

This is a great site for getting paleo recipes, the girl who writes it is pretty funny too. Not only that but she’s also a crossfitter, and Crossfit is something that I really really want to get into so its fun to read about that as well. If anyone wants to know what Crossfit is, just Google it, its awesome. And yes I’m probably crazy for thinking that its awesome, but oh well, that’s me.

That’s all from me for now, I have a spice rubbed trout fillet in the fridge that requires consumption.

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  1. Tegan said:

    Haha gluten nightmares. It took me like a year to have one. Good work! Granola sounds groovy but I’ve never been a cereal as snack food buff so I dunno if its for me. I do like granola in yogurt though. You could add a whole bunch of dried fruit to that to make it more exciting.

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