The Paleo Project: Will She Survive?

Pearce has pretty well explained what eating paleo means…well in terms of what foods we can and cannot eat. What wasn’t explained was how insane I will likely go over the course of this month. In my mind there is only two options for me on this 30 day “journey”:

  1.  I pass with flying colours. The call of the cake, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, scones, donuts, chocolate (you get my drift) will not have any barring on my success. I will not crave them often and I will feel better.
  2. I fail miserably…ending roughly on day 15 with me stuffing my face full of cake (an entire one I imagine).

Okay, so I’m being slightly facetious. Seriously, I am excited about starting November 1st, but I knew the “no sugar rule”** would be an absolute challenge for me and decided I would start early. If you don’t count the amount of sugar in a ranch salad dressing then I’ve been going sugar free for 4 days…and yes I’m feeling it. I have become increasingly aware of my craving for sweets, which happens just about every time I finish any meal past noon. Like my grandfather I am a true “dessert after every meal kinda gal”, though I don’t always have it…I always want it. Tougher still is the fact that I used to bribe myself will sugar! I know, I’m awful, I would say “if I just do a couple more sets and run intervals I won’t regret those chocolate covered pretzels I’ll grab before rehearsal” or “if I work extra hard on this essay until [said time] peanut butter and jam reward for me!” How do you replace your best incentive?


…seriously, anyone? If anyone has any good “curb the craving tips” please post them below. Oh! And if you say eat some fruit I will want to throw things…maybe at you.

**To clarify this means no refined sugars. Honey and the like are okay.

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